Bull Calf Weight Gains

The 43 Bull calves born 2008 had average weaning weight of 282 kg, and 400 day weight of 474 kg. It was interesting to note the difference in weight gain through the winter by the different sires.

For the bull calves the weight gains were

  • Sire U14 progeny put on .77 kg/day
  • Sire A31 progeny put on .80 kg/day
  • Sire A53 progeny put on .87kg/day

For the first time we have had the yearling bulls behind a wire which is shifted every third day – this has enabled a bank of feed ahead of the bulls and growth rates appear to be increasing. There is also the added advantage of walking amongst the bulls to test their temperament.

Posted in charolais by admin at January 31st, 2010.