Herd Calendar

25 August Cows start calving in paddocks so the birth date can be recorded.

10 November Calves tagged, vaccinated, and earmarked and any calves with horns are debudded. The cows and are calves run on the river flats for the summer. The Bulls are joined on 15 November.

21 January Bulls are withdrawn. The cattle graze the paddocks if required to control pastures.

24 March The calves are weaned and weighed and the cows tested for pregnancy and TB. The cows go up the hill to the far block at 914 m.a.s.l and are then moved forward during the winter as the snow risk increases. No supplements are fed to the cows until calving when they return to the flat paddocks.

April The sale bulls are selected

May On farm bull sale

June/ July/August Bull and heifer calves are wintered behind a wire with daily shifts on kale or swedes and fed hay or baleage.

Posted on January 31st, 2010.