The next Taiaroa & Cotswold Charolais Bull Sale will be held on farm on Monday 21st May 2018

After farming Charolais for 50 years in the Paerau valley, the Aitken family has found them to thrive in the long cold winters and hot dry summers, with temperatures ranging between -10 degrees C to mid 30 degree C.

We have on average a 120 day winter, with no grass growth. Over this period we feed supplements of swedes, kale, baleage and hay.

Despite the longer winter and our late calving date, our cattle achieve good weight gains, and show good shifting ability when moved to new environments.

Longevity of our cow herd is evident with cows retained for 15 years. Poor performance or failure to become pregnant results in these animals being culled.

We aim for 100% calving and most years achieve this goal with an easy calving herd and the odd twin calf.

Temperament is very important and all animals are observed in the paddock, yards and weighing crate. Any unsettled cattle are culled.

This policy has paid dividends and we feel we have a herd of cattle that are a pleasure to handle.

Taiaroa Charolais is a member of the NZ Charolais Cattle Society and all animals are performance recorded, and this data is sent to Colorado State University for analysis. These EBV and ERT figures are available to aid selection of animals.

We welcome enquiries and visitors to view our property and cattle.

NZ Carolais Cattle Society

Member of NZCCS and Charolais Breeders NZ


Posted on January 31st, 2010.